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Comparison: AMEX Business Platinum Card & Ink Plus Business

by Evita Page

Which credit card company has the best business card? Here we compare American Express and Chase Bank.

A Look at Co-Branded Chase Credit Cards

by Evita Page

It’s great when our credit card companies team up with other well known and respected companies. Here are three of Chase bank’s latest co branded efforts.

Chase Prepaid Liquid Card

by Beth May

The prepaid product introduced by JPMorgan Chase, cleverly called Liquid, is drawing a lot of attention – and it’s the right kind of attention.

Getting the Most from Your Credit Cards’ Rewards Program

by Beth May

Are you one of the many consumers with credit cards rewards programs you forget you have? Take a look at a few of these money saving tips. Make those rewards work to your advantage!

What is the Gettington Shopping Card?

by Beth May

The Gettington shopping card is a newer player in the credit card sector. It’s convenient and with a few payment options that help you stay on budget.

Many Credit Card Offers: Finding the Right One

by Antonio Bard

Have you explored all of the new credit card offers recently? Capital One has a new offer for college students and we take a look look at the classic favorites.

Great News for Discover Users

by Evita Page

Discover continues to raise the bar – both in consumer satisfaction and the offers it extends its customers. Here are a few of the offers that can help you save money this holiday season.

Considered Capital One Business Lately? You Should

by Evita Page

If you haven’t considered Capital One business credit card offers recently, you should take a look at Capital One Spark.