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Is CFPB Facing Massive Changes?

June 25, 2013, by Jon Dell

CFPB is facing heat again for simply doing its job. Republicans continue to undermine the agency and Director Cordray’s efforts.

Want to Buy Pot or Guns? Don’t Rely on Your Credit Card

May 14, 2013, by Evita Page

Should financial institutions, including banks and credit card companies, prevent consumers from making legal purchases, just because they don’t agree with the laws?

How a Marble & a Wheel Can Cause Credit Card Debt

March 18, 2013, by Antonio Bard

Credit card debt is still high and some worry legalizing online gambling will only cause more problems on consumer finances.

Arrests in Libor Scandal

December 11, 2012, by Jon Dell

If you were thinking the Libor scandal quietly faded away, think again. Arrests have been made and more could come.

What is Future for Campaign Finance Reform?

November 29, 2012, by Evita Page

After the record breaking and most expensive presidential campaign in history, consumers are demanding changes as they watched candidates ask for donations when they struggled to cover their credit card payments and mortgage payments.

Is CFPB Overstepping Boundaries?

November 22, 2012, by Antonio Bard

Even after its impressive first two years, there are still critics of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

What is the Shadow Economy?

October 4, 2012, by Antonio Bard

Ever heard of the shadow economy? It’s a growing society that will never be mainstream and it accounts for about 9% of the GDP – and that number is sure to increase.

Another Blatant Theft from Taxpayers

October 2, 2012, by Jon Dell

In yet another financial scandal involving taxpayer money and government agencies, there’s been one upper manager to resign and others are on administrative leave.

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