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Bank of America Institutes New Penalties

by CreditCardsLab

Bank of America prepares to institute a new penalty APR increase. Here are the details behind the controversial decision.

The Insight MasterCard Prepaid Card

by Evita Page

The Insight MasterCard offers many benefits and a cash incentive. Get the rest of the details on this prepaid credit card offer.

Long Term Effects of How You Spend Your Tax Refund

by Antonio Bard

Already spent that tax refund ten times in your mind? Before you load that online shopping cart, we have a few ideas you might want to consider.

Taking Advantage of National Financial Literacy Month

by Jon Dell

April is National Financial Literacy Month. Take advantage of it by taking an honest look at your financial health.

3 Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fees

by Antonio Bard

Travel overseas? You’ll want to see these three credit card offers that have no foreign transaction fees.

Debt and Credit Cards

by Evita Page

A new credit cards spending study just released reveals much about our credit and debit card usage.

The Discover More Credit Card

by Beth May

The Discover More Credit Card is a great choice for consumers with excellent credit. Read more about it here.

MasterCard’s BillMyParents Prepaid Debit Card

by Beth May

There are many financial tools for parents to use as they prepare and educate their teens on responsible credit card usage. Here we discuss a few of those tools.