What is the Gettington Shopping Card?

Have you heard about Gettington? If not, odds are, you will. It’s a relatively new online shopping site, complete with its own shopping card. It offers a massive selection of products you already use from brands you already know. But how does it stack up with other shopping cards? This week, we take a look at this credit offer, its website and credit card.

From the Gettington website:

Informed decisions start with good information, the Gettington Credit Promise is about fairness, choices, and transparency.

The credit card associated with Gettington allows consumers to choose from a few payment options. It allows maximum flexibility so that you can best budget your finances. Getting approved is easy and you can get that approval within seconds. There’s no annual fee associated with this card, no over the limit fees, a comparable fixed APR (which comes in handy as you’re budgeting your finances). Other fees include a $30 late payment fee and if your payment is returned for non-sufficient funds, you’ll pay $30. The website itself has several layers of security, so you can shop with confidence. Finally, the site has a free shipping promo for purchases over $49.

Fast Option

Select this option and you’ll enjoy lower payments – four in total – that keep your finance charges to a minimum. There are no annual fees or over the limit fees. Once you place an item in your shopping card, you’ll see exactly what your payments will be if you choose to break it down into four payments.

Easy Option

This option provides flexibility in your repayment schedule. You’ll have twenty four months to pay off the balance, making this a good solution for those wishing to buy big ticket items. Keep in mind, your APR for either of these options will vary, based on which you select.

Both of these options report to the credit bureaus, so for those with less than perfect credit, it can be a powerful tool in helping you reach your financial goals. You can also pay for your purchase, if you prefer, in full at the time of checkout. It’s clearly all about payment flexibility, and few shopping sites are offering that these days.

The Gettington Mission

There are a lot of unique features associated with this business model. Anytime you’re on the website and putting things into your shopping cart, a calculator can be seen on one side of your screen. It keeps a running total of how much your items cost, the interest rates associated with those purchases and how long it might take to repay those purchases based on the minimum payments. It’s a nice tool to have at a glance.

Shopping Options

Along with your choice in convenient payment options, the selection on the Gettington website is quite impressive. In our review, we found a massive online department store with brands you’ll recognize. Home décor, clothes, shoes, kitchen accessories and there’s even a “gameroom” page where you’ll find things like pool tables, chess games and much more. Plus, there’s an electronics department with Sony e-readers, Toshiba Android tablets, just to name a few.

How it Stacks Up

Gettington is quite comparable with other well-known shopping cards, such as Fingerhut. The one big difference between Gettington and Fingerhut appears to be the payment flexibility. Plus, Gettington’s side calculator is a feature that customers appreciate and something Fingerhut doesn’t offer.

It also offers fast shipping, usually within 1-3 days of placing your order. As far as returns go, exchanges or refunds are given for most items, provided they’re returned in new condition and within 30 days of receipt. Returns after the 30 day period usually are handled with prorated credit adjustments on your credit card. You may also purchase extended warranties.

Apply easily with an instant decision.

As always, we encourage you to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the Gettington shopping card and any other credit card offers you’re considering. With so many changes in the credit sector, courtesy of the 2009 CARD Act, it can be easy to miss important information. Understanding an offer before you apply can make a world of difference.

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