September 2011 Posts Archive

No Annual Fee Credit Card Offers Available


A no annual fee credit card is a great financial management tool. Here we review several of the better offers available, including the Discover More card and AMEX Simply Cash business credit card.

5 Reasons to Change Your Credit Card Company


Today’s credit card offers might be a big incentive for you to make your own changes. Cash back bonuses or balance transfer options are often why consumers apply for a new credit card.

Amex Tops in Customer Satisfaction


J.D. Powers released its annual list of credit cards with highest customer satisfaction. American Express, for the fifth year in a row, tops that list. Here are a few reasons why.

Parting Ways? Split the Credit Card Debt


Sometimes, holy matrimony can feel more like a holy terror. In our modern society, our marriages are just as apt to fall apart as they are to stay intact. Unfortunately, divorcing your joint debt might be harder than divorcing your spouse.

Comparing Business Cards: AMEX Plum, Chase Ink Plus


With what feels like credit card overload in the business card industry, knowing the details before you apply can make a big difference in the costs of running a business.

Credit Cards: Singular or Plural?


With so many credit card offers, it’s difficult to decide which ones and how many to carry. A reality check and a bit of research ensures you’re making the best financial decisions when it comes to your credit.

Rebuilding Credit with Secured Credit Cards


It can be difficult to rebuild your credit, especially after you’ve worked years to keep a strong and impressive credit history intact. If you do run into trouble, a secured credit card might be the best route as you pick up the pieces.

Credit Card Money Wastes: Fees, Late Charges, Penalties


For many, the tough economic times seem to only be getting worse – but there are ways to turn the train around, so to speak, that will keep more money in your bank account and less money going for credit card payments, fees & late charges each month.