January 2012 Posts Archive

Prepaid Cards Ideal for 2011 Tax Refunds


Did you know there are 9 million under banked or unbanked Americans? Prepaid debit cards offer a safe and fast way to claim your tax returns. Check out these offers.

MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards


MasterCard credit cards are easy to find, but did you know there’s a wide range of MasterCard prepaid debit cards? Here are a few of them.

Allowing Teens Access to Your Credit Cards


Should you help your teen establish his own credit card or add him to your account until he learns the importance of financial responsibility?

A Look at Shopping Cards


Shopping credit cards have been a favorite for those looking to rebuild their credit histories. There are several worth consideration, too, including the new Gettington card.

24 Million Credit Card Users Info Hacked… Again


This weekend, more than 20 million Zappos customers learned their information had been hacked. The company is now struggling to contain the damage.

Robo-Signing… Credit Card Defaults?


Understanding big business decision making processes is difficult at best most days, but when a major bank like JPMorgan Chase completely and quietly rescinds all of its lawsuits against credit card defaults, red flags are sure to be raised.

The Color of Business: AMEX Credit Card Offers


American Express has been a leader in consumer credit cards for many years. Take a look at a few of the business credit card offers designed to help companies succeed.

First National Bank of Omaha Credit Car Offers


FNBO was the first bank to ever issue credit cards in the United States. Learn more about this bank, its achievements and its credit card offers.