March 2012 Posts Archive

What’s Going on with CFPB?


Wondering why you haven’t heard much out of the newly-founded CFPB? The answer’s easy: the board has been busy handling consumer complaints, dealing with credit card companies and doing it all in an expedited and practical manner.

Indentured Servants to America’s Banks?


Is another financial crisis brewing? If it is, instead of it being the mortgage sector that brings an entire economy to its proverbial knees, it’s more likely the student loan arena that will wreak havoc.

Prepaid Debit & Credit Cards, Direct Deposit


Many Americans are choosing prepaid debit cards over traditional credit cards, but are they compatible with your employer’s direct deposit process?

Surprising Financial Shifts


Going off the grid, accepting cash payments from your mortgage lender or bank to abandon your home before it goes into foreclosure are just two ways the financial horizon has shifted.

Western Union Ranked Best in Prepaid Credit Cards


Western Union received two prestigious awards recently, including the best overall prepaid card. Take a look at a few of the best offers in prepaid debit cards, including Western Union’s products.

Did Anonymous Do More Than Hack Accounts?


Anonymous is being accused of using stolen credit card data for shopping sprees during its December 2011 hack into Stratfors. It’s also believed it released the information to WikiLeaks.

Don’t Need a Credit Rating? Sure You Do


Think you have no need for a credit rating? Think again – your credit scores do far more than tell a creditor how responsible you are.

Is it Time for a Simpler Credit Card?


Points, miles, cash back – all these rewards programs are fine and good until they become overwhelming to the point that you never use them. A simpler credit card is on its way back to the standard credit card offers.