April 2012 Posts Archive

Double Disturbances for Young Consumers


A college degree doesn’t necessarily a high paying job these days and graduates can’t live on credit cards alone.

Comparing Chase Credit Cards


Chase has a lot of great credit card offers. Finding the right one ensures a strong financial product in your wallet.

Money 101 and American Express PASS


Have teens or young adults? Looking for a way to instill responsible money attitudes? Consider American Express PASS.

Pay the Credit Card Charges for Prostitute, Vegas Trips


Two separate incidents involving government agencies are in the headlines and both have to do with improper credit card usage and other financial decisions that the American taxpayer will most like have to shoulder.

Taxes are Filed, What Paperwork Should You Save?


Getting those taxes filed isn’t the end of your tax season. Now you have to determine what to save and what to trash. Here are a few of the recommendations by experts.

New Netspend BET Prepaid Card Offer


NetSpend and BET, the media and entertainment company, are preparing to release their co-branded prepaid credit card. It will target the nation’s African Americans.

Don’t Let the Amex and NJ Battle Fool You


What is this strange battle between New Jersey and American Express really about? Amex pulls its gift cards after New Jersey passes law that requires consumers to provide their zip codes.

A Look Back: Politics and Finances


There is much going on in the American economy, but the one thing that seems to be lacking is a complete solution for credit card debt, unemployment and gas prices. Where might those solutions lie?