May 2012 Posts Archive

Banks Making Out Like ‘Middlemen’?


As if current economic times weren’t tough enough, unsecured debt is a growing problem for families looking to send their children to college.

What’s Going on in the Prepaid Debit Card Market?


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for public comments on the prepaid debit card market. With millions of Americans turning to these financial products, there’s much for CFPB to do.

What is Arbitration?


Any idea what an arbitration clause is? It’s important to know because it affects your rights as a consumer and if you have a credit card, mobile phone or any other goods or service that requires a contract, arbitration could be your only legal recourse.

4 Bad Choices the Financial Sector Hopes You Make


We’ve all been taught the importance of paying bills on time and why we should avoid payday loans. The financial sector as a whole is hoping you’ll make those mistakes often – it improves their bottom lines.

A Look Back at Jamie Dimon


Harvard grad, CEO and the financial industry’s golden boy: how does Jamie Dimon do it as others fall to the wayside?

Your Parents, Their Credit Card Debt


Many adult children are unsure of what their parents’ financial debt totals. Once they do delve in, they’re finding overwhelming credit card debt.

6 Tips For Handling Student Loan, Credit Card Debt


It’s a tough reality for graduating college students as they’re leaving with both credit card debt and overwhelming student loans. Here are six things you can do right now to offset the burden.

Visa and MasterCard Announce Growth


Many might not have been surprised that both Visa and MasterCard are reporting strong earnings, but they might be surprised to learn those earnings are in the double digits.