June 2012 Posts Archive

The Glorious ATM and its History


The year was 1967 and as John Shepherd Barron pondered vending machines that delivered chocolate, he wondered why can’t something be developed to spew money.

28% of Americans Have No Savings


Things aren’t getting better with the economy and most simply aren’t able to save money when they’re paying down debt and trying to keep groceries stocked and a roof over their families. Take advantage of other cost cutting measures, like paying down credit card debt.

Credit Monitoring: Worth it or Ditch it?


Are credit monitoring services worth the price? Credit Counselors say it depends on your needs and whether you’ve ever been a victim of credit identity before.

Great Credit Card Apps & Programs You Need


All the major credit card companies have apps and programs designed to make lives easier. Are you taking advantage of those apps?

Airlines Fees Increase Again


United Airline is now charging $100 for a second checked bag and other airlines will likely follow suit. Here’s how your credit card can help offset those fees.

Americans’ Net Worth Drops 40%


Looking for a bit of good news? Might want to wait until next week as new report reveals our net worth drops 40% the past three years and even more reports expected this week with news that will likely be less than ideal.

Hurricane Season and Preparing Finances


Hurricane season is well underway. For those who live along the U.S. coastlines, they live six months out of the year with an eye to the tropics. Now’s the time to ensure your have a financial plan is in order, including access to credit and debit cards.

ID Theft of Children on Rise


It’s believed 11%of kids, under the age of 18, have already had their social security numbers stolen. They’re 35 times more likely to be targeted than adults – and that number is rising.