July 2012 Posts Archive

Nixon’s Influence on the Financial Sector


Looking back on the past can be a powerful predictor for the days ahead, especially in an election year and certainly when it comes to personal finances. The common denominators between Presidents Nixon and Obama are uncanny.

Slow Lending: Why is CFPB to Blame?


Republicans are upset with CFPB for not kick starting the slow lending pace in the U.S. The question is why – especially since it’s done more in the past year than most elected officials.

Back to School: The Best Rewards Cards


Whether you’re looking forward to the kids going back to school or wish they’d stay young forever, there are great ways to save money as you set about preparing for the school year. Check out these low APR credit cards, many with no annual fees.

Doing Good: Donate Unused Credit Card Rewards


There’s a great way to put your rewards points to good use: consider donating them to your favorite charity.

Navigating College Costs


Preparing for college or maybe you’re just graduating? Here are ways to navigate the costs.

Financial Agencies via the Government


Did you know there are dozens of government agencies that stand ready to provide financial information and guidance to American consumers?

Have a Will? You Should


It’s crucial to have a will and a living will, no matter how young you are. Not being prepared can cause problems for those left behind.

More Stupid Money Decisions


Take a look at a few more stupid money mistakes we’ve all made at some point. From neglecting our credit report to falling into the cycle of payday loans, there’s always a better way.