October 2012 Posts Archive

Holidays on a Budget


Smart credit card usage is one way to keep costs to a minimum during the holidays. Choosing the right one is crucial, too.

Financial Help for Abuse Victims


There are many programs available for domestic violence victims. On this last day of Domestic Violence month, we explore some of them.

Near Poor Americans: 30 Million and Counting


More Americans are nearing poverty – and they’re paying more for credit too.

Best Charge Cards for 2012


Which credit cards worked best in 2012? American Express? Chase? Here, we take a look at a few of the more popular charge cards that we saw in 2012.

You Owe $47,495 to China, Other Countries


The Treasury Department released its new report on international debt and the results mean big payments for every household in the U.S.

New Debt Collector Targets: Student Loans


Behind on your student loans? If you’re not already being hounded by debt collectors, you will be soon.

States’ AGs Oppose New Payday Loan Bill


Payday loan companies could be getting a break from the federal government. States are worried a new law would ease the restrictions on these companies.

Chase Credit Card Commercials – 2012


We love TV – and we love a lot of the commercials – well, most of them. This week, we’re looking at the best Chase credit card commercials of 2012.