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More Stupid Money Decisions


Take a look at a few more stupid money mistakes we’ve all made at some point. From neglecting our credit report to falling into the cycle of payday loans, there’s always a better way.

Chase Prepaid Liquid Card


The prepaid product introduced by JPMorgan Chase, cleverly called Liquid, is drawing a lot of attention – and it’s the right kind of attention.

Some Banks Close European Money Funds


JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Group and BlackRock Inc have all announced plans to bail out of some European markets.

Green Dot: ‘Best Card for Alternative Checking Account’


Looking for a low fee prepaid debit card? Consider Green Dot as it was just named the best prepaid debit card by Card Hub in its annual review.

Taking on the Stock Market


Wouldn’t it be exciting trade like the “big wheels” on the stock market? Get the basics before you delve in. Here are a few tips.

FHA Halts New Credit Restrictions


Now, FHA loan applicants won’t be required to pay off old debts or disputed credit entries on their credit reports, making owning a home less challenging.

The Glorious ATM and its History


The year was 1967 and as John Shepherd Barron pondered vending machines that delivered chocolate, he wondered why can’t something be developed to spew money.

28% of Americans Have No Savings


Things aren’t getting better with the economy and most simply aren’t able to save money when they’re paying down debt and trying to keep groceries stocked and a roof over their families. Take advantage of other cost cutting measures, like paying down credit card debt.