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Arrests in Libor Scandal


If you were thinking the Libor scandal quietly faded away, think again. Arrests have been made and more could come.

Looking for Starbucks Gift Cards? Don’t Go to Starbucks


Oh, Starbucks…first it was the $7 cup of joe and now a $450 gift card that values only $400.

Microeconomics and Money


Don’t underestimate the power of microeconomics and how they influence big banks, credit card companies and politicians.

Death, Money and Confusion


Imagine losing your husband or wife only to find out you face foreclosure because your name is not on the paperwork.

What is Future for Campaign Finance Reform?


After the record breaking and most expensive presidential campaign in history, consumers are demanding changes as they watched candidates ask for donations when they struggled to cover their credit card payments and mortgage payments.

What Exactly are Interchange Fees?


What do you know about the largest private anti trust lawsuit in American history? Here’s all you need to know about intercharge fees.

How Did Credit Cards Evolve?


Even though credit cards haven’t been around forever, they have evolved to the point of becoming powerful financial tools.

Is CFPB Overstepping Boundaries?


Even after its impressive first two years, there are still critics of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.