February 2013 Posts Archive

Credit Card Terminology You Need to Know


Before you shop for your next credit card, be sure you understand the various terminology – it can save money in the long run.

Can We Live Without a Credit Card?


Many consumers are doing just fine without credit cards or a need for their credit reports. Is it feasible, though?

Co-Branded and Prepaid Credit Card Offers


There’s a reason co-branded credit cards and prepaid debit card products are outpacing traditional financial tools – they’re better values for many consumers.

New Security Worries at Retailers


Retailers are now in the crosshairs of cyberthieves who are looking to compromise weaker safety measures.

60 Minutes Doc Reveals 40M Credit Report Errors


Steve Kroft with 60 Minutes reports there could be 40 million credit report errors on Americans’ credit histories.

Alternative Credit Options


Qualifying for credit is next to impossible for some consumers, but new credit alternatives could provide new options for mortgages and credit problems.

New Stats on How College Students See Credit


76% of college students have no idea what happens if they make a late payment on their credit cards. This, along with new revelations, paints dire picture.

New Stats on Debt Collections


FTC has new numbers on debt collectors and collection practices. Credit card collections account for 70% of all accounts sold to third parties.