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Are We Any Wiser When it Comes to Credit Cards?


Do we see credit cards differently? And if so, does that mean our love affair with credit is on the mend or is it a temporary shift due to the recession?

How a Marble & a Wheel Can Cause Credit Card Debt


Credit card debt is still high and some worry legalizing online gambling will only cause more problems on consumer finances.

More Big Name Identities Hacked


Celebrities found out that a group had hijacked names and social security numbers and then promptly made them public. Today, First Lady Obama is the latest victim of identity theft.

New FTC Report Reveals Mobile Payment Growth


Within 2 years, we’ll be using our smartphones to pay for goods and services. Huge potential means huge transitions.

Is Your Credit Keeping You Single?


Right or wrong, many are seeing their credit scores as burdens that hold them down. But does society support this mindset that our credit scores dictate who we are?

What is Quantitative Easing and Why Should You Care?


Overwhelmed and frustrated with all of the lingo being tossed around by financial analysts and politicians? Here’s a bit of what’s what and what it means to consumer wallets.

Credit Card Terminology You Need to Know


Before you shop for your next credit card, be sure you understand the various terminology – it can save money in the long run.

Can We Live Without a Credit Card?


Many consumers are doing just fine without credit cards or a need for their credit reports. Is it feasible, though?