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New Credit Notices


Federal law requires creditors to furnish certain information. Here’s what to look for.

Tax Returns and Identity Theft


ID thieves reroute your tax returns? Don’t expect much from IRS – except a new identification number.

Strange Bedfellows: Debt Collectors, Dept of Ed


There are billions of dollars in student loans and CFPB wants to oversee it so that predatory debt collectors can be reined in.

Does Dubai Have the Right Financial Ideas?


Ensuring well prepared adults in Dubai starts with early financial education and involvement in its stock market.

The New Discover “It” Card


Ready for what’s next in consumer credit cards? Look no further than the Discover It credit card.

Internships for CFPB


An internship with CFPB could be the first powerful decision a finance major can make in his career.

More Reasons to Consider Travel Rewards


Imagine earning travel rewards at an airport that offers yoga classes and a liquor store. Airports are improving, and so are the travel rewards credit cards.

Review: Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card


Looking for a credit card with perks and benefits that surpass the competition? The Williams Sonoma Visa just might be it.