3 Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fees

These days, with so much changing so quickly in the credit card industry, it can quickly become overwhelming for anyone looking for a stronger credit card offer that meets their needs without breaking the bank in a ton of fees. Not only that, but our lifestyles shift over the course of our lives, too.

While a travel rewards card might not have meant much to you a decade ago, you’re now beginning to think about all those vacations you’d put off until you retired. It could be you credit scores have been carefully cultivated over the years and a new credit card offer can provide a significant drop in your interest rates.

That said, many global travelers are watching foreign transaction fees continue to stack up on their monthly statements. If you’re one of those who travels the world over, we carefully selected three major credit cards that have no foreign transaction fees at all. Each is worth your consideration – Remember, though, before you apply, be sure to check the fine print so that you know if it’s still available or if the offer has changed. Take a look:

What It Is

Anyone who’s traveled in another country and used their credit cards found one or more conversion fees on the credit card statements. As with all other various fees credit card companies charge, there’s no consistency in what one company charges in its foreign transaction fees versus another’s policies. While these fees are frustrating, the truth is, the banks or other financial institutions usually shouldered those fees at one time. Now, though, the ecnomy’s beginning to improve and there’s a definitive sense of some healthy competition as credit card carriers work for your business once again. The more the economy improves, the better it is for all of us as consumers. As a result, many of these incentives being offered by the card companies include dropping or significantly reducing various charges.

The Capital One Venture Card

This credit card has several impressive features. Of course, no card is perfect, but the Capital One Venture card has enjoyed a steady growth – both in better perks and satisfied customers. There are several incentives with this card, too, including earning points simply by adding another card holder. Even more impressive that it lacks the insistence of charging any kind of foreign transaction fees when you’re traveling outside the United States. Nice APR, generous rewards and complimentary itemized breakdown of what you spent and where top this offer. This is especially useful to keep you straight during tax season as a detailed statement is made available to all card holders at the end of each calendar year.

The British Airways Visa Credit Card

Here’s another prime credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. Earn 50,000 British Airway miles with your first purchase and another 50,000 if you spend $2,500 within the first ninety days of your account opening. Between the rewards program and bonus miles, the BA Visa Signature card is an attractive package. If there’s any downside at all, it would be the $95 annual fee, but those customers who use this card say it’s a small price to pay when they consider the many benefits.

The American Express Platinum Card

Finally, we take a look at the AMEX Platinum Card. Spend $1,000 in the first ninety days after you’ve become a card member and receive 50,000 membership rewards. You’ll enjoy up to $200 in airline fee credits each year, customer service twenty four hours a day and impressive hotel upgrades and amenities. Excellent credit is required for all three of these offers. This too is quite impressive, especially considering the absence of foreign transaction fees.

These are just a few of the deals available that have absolutely none of the transaction fees associated with foreign travel. They’re not hard to find and if these three offers above don’t quite fit your needs, keep looking because many experts say it’s likely other credit card companies will follow suit as that healthy competition begins to heat up again.

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