4 Great Prepaid Credit Cards for Teens

Teens love a sense of freedom and independence, even if those desires result in a lot of sleepless nights for mom and dad. Still, we do everything we can to prepare them for a world that’s often predictable and rarely a “happily ever after” fairytale. From their educations to choosing a husband or wife, it’s all about helping them help themselves. One powerful gift a parent can give his teenager is the gift of fiscal responsibility.

It’s what will define in great degrees the level of financial security they will feel throughout their lives. Ideally, they’ll then pass it down to their own children. Credit card debt is a bit overwhelming for any adult, but there’s a great way to help your teens understand the importance of on time payments, deciding “needs” over “wants” and establishing a strong credit history. Prepaid credit cards can be a powerful learning source and we have four outlined below that are worth your consideration.

Camo Prepaid Teen MasterCard

Kids love a theme and believe it or not, this camo-inspired teen credit card is as attractive to teenage girls as it is to teenage boys. Of course, there’s far more to this credit card than its design. Parents can keep full control over use of the prepaid card even when it’s not in their possession simply by locking or unlocking it on the website it’s associated with.

There’s no risk since the available balance is equal to the amount of cash pre-loaded onto it. Kids are notorious when it comes to losing their cash, cell phones and even their car keys – if your teen loses his MasterCard, it can be replaced easily and you’re not responsible for any unauthorized choices, so your money and your teen’s money is safe. There’s no credit check and loading cash is easy and often instant. This means not only does your teen get to spread her financial wings, but you feel safer knowing a flat tire or other unexpected expense is easily covered.

It takes only $10 to open this credit card account and there are no activation or application fees. See the terms and conditions for information on any other fees associated with the Camo Prepaid Teen MasterCard.

Pink Kitty Prepaid Teen MasterCard

Another themed credit card, the Pink Kitty MasterCard offers many of the same features as its Camo counterpart. Friends and family can easily add funds to your teen’s MasterCard, you maintain complete access if you choose via the lock and unlock feature on the website and your teen can use the card at millions of locations. Monitor use of the credit card via the real time updates on the website. No credit check, no interest rates and no hassles – what could be better? It too is a powerful financial tool as you attempt to instill good spending habits in your children.

The Facecard Prepaid MasterCard

The Facecard prepaid credit card ranks near the top of similar cards. You’ll receive instant approval, which is guaranteed, without credit checks or security deposits. Does your teen have an after school job? He can have his employer direct deposit his pay each week onto his Facecard MasterCard. It’s instant, too. You can easily move cash to the card via an online transfer and one of the best perks is the $15 extra value coupons that are added each month that can be used for great rewards.

This teen credit card also has no monthly or annual membership fees; keep your hard earned cash. You can also request multiple cards so that you can keep one with you at all times. Loading cash is easy via several methods. This is another highly rated credit card among teens and their parents.

NfinanSe Visa Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card

This prepaid credit card offers so much at no cost to the card holder. No shipping fees when you apply online, no application fees, no minimum balance, no late fees and no interest rates. Card holders enjoy free direct deposit, free customer service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week (and customer service reps are bilingual) and free online access.

This is one of the more popular teen credit cards for parents and teens. The perks are quite generous, the guidelines are easy to follow and it’s issued by Visa.

Any of these cards would serve your needs as you set out to teach your teens the importance of strong money management. Want to see more? Find them on Teen Debit Cards page.

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