The Best Business Credit Card Offers of 2011

In recent days, we’ve taken a look back at some of the better secured credit card offers and consumer credit card offers 2011 brought us. Today, we thought we’d balance the look back with a review of what many insist are the best business credit card offers of 2011. There was no shortage of enticing and worthwhile considerations and below, you’ll find our take on what we think just might be the best of the best.

Ink Cash Business Card

For small business owners, one of the bigger draws in terms of their financial choices are those credit card offers that include cash back. To that end, the Ink Chase business credit card offers these business owners a $250 cash back bonus, an impressive 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent on things like wireless service and office supplies and then 2% cash back spent on purchases for fuel and dining.

A 1% cash back bonus covers the remaining purchases. Perhaps as important as those perks is the added knowledge of the points never expiring and there being no limit on how much cash back business owners earn. Even better? There’s no annual fee. Topping the offer is an intro 0% APR for the first six months for both balance transfers and purchases. It’s truly become a formidable opponent to other similar offers for small business owners.

Also – this is just one of the many Ink credit card offers. Chase has sought to cover the bases, so to speak, with the perks and dynamics in place that would appeal to any business owner’s needs. While we feel this is one of the stronger offers of 2011, it could be one that offers travel rewards is better suited for your needs. The Ink Reward Yourself with Something Special offer includes 15,000 bonus points.

AMEX Gold Rewards

American Express and its OPEN network is known for the many bonuses for business owners. It has several different cards, each with their own dynamics, including the AMEX OPEN Gold business card. There’s a $175 annual fee, though this is lower than some other offers and is waived the first year. This is a great choice for business owners who might already be established and are looking for ways to cut costs.

The absence of an APR is a sure fire way of accomplishing that. With 50,000 bonus Membership Rewards with your first $10,000 spent in the first five months, travel has never been more affordable. Like the Ink Cash offer, there’s no expiration date for your points an no limits on how many you can earn. The OPEN network was designed just for business owners and the rebates and discounts are more than a little impressive. Add additional cards for just $50 a year (up to five) and be sure to take advantage of the many online tools American Express makes available to its business card members.

Gold Delta SkyMiles

This is another AMEX OPEN offer with big savings for those businesses that include a lot of travel. The annual fee for this offer is just $95 and it too is waived the first year and additional cards don’t trigger another annual fee. You’ll enjoy perks like your first bag checked free for each and every Delta flight, an annual companion certificate and no black outs for any Delta seat on any flight.

Your first purchase earns an additional 20,000 miles and you can save more than $200 on yours and your employees Delta flights. This airline rewards credit card offers those perks most business owners are looking for, making it ideal for a business of any size.

Even though we’ve not yet made it to Thanksgiving, there’s no doubt these credit card offers were some of most popular in the business card sector. If this year is any indication, we can expect to see not only new and perhaps even better credit card offers, but the return of the small business owner. There’s no denying the economic times have been especially difficult for small business owners, but on the horizon, there’s nothing but great expectations and much to look forward to

As always, though, we encourage any business owner to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with any offer. It’s the only way to know for sure if it’s the right choice for his specific business needs. With so many offers out there, finding the right one should be no problem.

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