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American Express is too Social?

by Evita Page

American Express is social network-savvy, but that’s nothing compared to the huge announcement made by the credit card giant and one of the nation’s largest banks.

Syncing with American Express, Twitter and Facebook

by Evita Page

Amex and its Sync app brings new ways to save, courtesy of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

New Stats on Debt Collections

by Antonio Bard

FTC has new numbers on debt collectors and collection practices. Credit card collections account for 70% of all accounts sold to third parties.

Credit Card Changes in 2013

by Evita Page

Expect big changes in the financial sector as a whole in the coming year, and pay attention to credit card surcharges, which are allowed as of this week.

2012: The Year of Credit Changes, Scandals

by Jon Dell

2012 was a big year for credit cards, financial scandals and big changes with our money. We take a look back at the first three months.

Even More Turning to Credit Unions?

by Evita Page

Banks lost millions of customers to credit unions last year and now consumers are choosing credit unions for their credit card needs too.

PayPal Teams With Discover

by Beth May

There’s a lot for PayPal to celebrate these days, including a new partnership with Discover and the new PayPal Here program.

90% Credit Card Lawsuits Flawed

by Beth May

The credit card industry is facing a potential scandal similar to the foreclosure robosigning catastrophe.