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Are You Making These Credit Card Mistakes?

by Jon Dell

Are you paying more in interest than you have to? Maybe you’re unsure of what your options are in terms of your credit card rights? Here’s all you need to know.

Discover It or Citi Simplicity?

by Evita Page

Which is better: the Discover It or Citi Simplicity? Here we review both credit card offers.

Will Your Citi AAdvantage Program Be Good Tomorrow?

by Evita Page

Will all of those frequent flier miles be good when you’re ready for your vacation? Most likely they will, but if you’re tired of the uncertainties with the airline bankruptcy, here are some other co-branded credit card offers.

Troubled Airlines, Furloughs and Travel Rewards Credit Cards

by Evita Page

Think you can’t get impressive travel rewards from your credit card? They’re out there – you just have to know where to look.

CFPB: Seniors Vulnerable in Financial Matters

by Antonio Bard

According to CFPB, fraudsters are targeting seniors more often as they commit credit card fraud and other financial scams, according to its new report. Senior Designations for Financial Advisors: Reducing Consumer Confusion and Risks.

MasterCard Contests, Offers

by Evita Page

MasterCard is always raising the bar with its credit card offers and awesome sweepstakes and contests.

A Shift in GE Capital?

by Antonio Bard

GE Capital, or GE Money as it’s often known, is going through changes – and its credit cards and other financial products will benefit consumers.

Credit Card Rewards and Death: Who Wins?

by Evita Page

Not always, but some credit cards allow for willing rewards points, mileage points and cash back programs.