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Credit Cards and Mortgages

by Antonio Bard

Ready to buy a new home? Check out the latest tips from FDIC before you call your realtor. They could make a huge difference in how well or how easy buying that home might be.

Comparing Chase Credit Cards

by Beth May

Chase has a lot of great credit card offers. Finding the right one ensures a strong financial product in your wallet.

Pay the Credit Card Charges for Prostitute, Vegas Trips

by CreditCardsLab

Two separate incidents involving government agencies are in the headlines and both have to do with improper credit card usage and other financial decisions that the American taxpayer will most like have to shoulder.

Is it Time for a Simpler Credit Card?

by Jon Dell

Points, miles, cash back – all these rewards programs are fine and good until they become overwhelming to the point that you never use them. A simpler credit card is on its way back to the standard credit card offers.

Credit Cards to Take You From College to Retirement

by CreditCardsLab

Do you still have in your wallet the credit card you had from college? If not, you’re in the majority. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

DOJ, FBI Report Credit Card Theft Up in Double Digits

by Evita Page

Some are saying these new technological advances in contemporary credit cards are falling woefully short. A new report from the Department of Justice seems to confirm.

Rising Gas Prices, Credit Card Offers that Help

by Beth May

Oil prices are on the rise again. The right gas rewards credit card – and preferably with cash back bonuses – can help you offset those risings costs.

Updated Credit Card Glossary

by Jon Dell

While the terminology often stays quite consistent in the credit card and financial industries, there are those times when a update is good for the wallet. Here, you’ll find the most commonly used terms.