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Healthy Sex Drive Optional, Strong Credit Scores Mandatory

by Antonio Bard

What’s more important to you: a healthy sex drive or credit score compatibility? For many young consumers, it’s less about sex and more about the ability to buy a house.

Is it Time for CFPB to Show Freddie Mac How it’s Done?

by Jon Dell

Is it time for Freddie Mac to step aside and let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau take over for homeowners?

Is Your Credit Keeping You Single?

by Beth May

Right or wrong, many are seeing their credit scores as burdens that hold them down. But does society support this mindset that our credit scores dictate who we are?

60 Minutes Doc Reveals 40M Credit Report Errors

by Jon Dell

Steve Kroft with 60 Minutes reports there could be 40 million credit report errors on Americans’ credit histories.

New Credit Notices

by Beth May

Federal law requires creditors to furnish certain information. Here’s what to look for.

I Do to My Spouse, I Don’t to His Credit Rating

by Beth May

Couples exchange vows when they get married, but if only they would exchange credit reports would there be fewer marital growing pains.

What You Need to Know About Student Loans

by Evita Page

Student loans are in the crosshairs and the economy continues to struggle. Here’s the latest and what you need to know, especially if you’re a college student or the parent of one.

FHA Halts New Credit Restrictions

by CreditCardsLab

Now, FHA loan applicants won’t be required to pay off old debts or disputed credit entries on their credit reports, making owning a home less challenging.