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Credit Monitoring: Worth it or Ditch it?

by Evita Page

Are credit monitoring services worth the price? Credit Counselors say it depends on your needs and whether you’ve ever been a victim of credit identity before.

Don’t Need a Credit Rating? Sure You Do

by Beth May

Think you have no need for a credit rating? Think again – your credit scores do far more than tell a creditor how responsible you are.

New to the Credit Game?

by Evita Page

Not having enough activity on your credit file can make it as difficult to secure a credit card as having credit. Here are a few ways to get your credit history in tip-top shape.

Denied a Credit Card? Expect an Explanation

by Antonio Bard

Been denied a credit card? New laws go into effect in July that include your right to credit scores without even requesting them. Learn how these laws affect you.

Credit Card Offers for Fair Credit

by Evita Page

There are many credit cards for fair credit. Offers include secured credit cards and prepaid offers. Here are a few reviews for Visa and MasterCard offers.

Tips for Unused Credit Cards

by Jon Dell

Have an unused credit card and wondering whether to close it or leave it open? Here are a few tips on what to do – and what not to do.

35% of FICO Score Makes Your Payment History

by Beth May

There are five total components which will be used to calculate the viability of being approved for a line of credit. These five are: outstanding balances, the length of your history of credit, etc…

Granite Secured MasterCard Review

by CreditCardsLab

If you apply for the Granite secured MasterCard then you will really be able to keep your credit future stable. The card has a major advantage in that you can get a credit report on your card per month.