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Expert Global Solutions Debt Collectors Fined $3.2 Million

by Beth May

The FTC just levied a fine totaling more than $3 million against Expert Global Solutions Debt Collectors.

Payday Loans and Continuing Controversy

by Antonio Bard

Will payday loan companies always be seen as the black sheep in the financial family of products? It could be sooner rather than later as banks continue to toe their way in.

Is Brown-Vitter Bill Good for Consumers or Banks?

by Jon Dell

The nation’s banks are working hard to keep the next round of financial laws from getting through Congress. Brown Vitter isn’t Dodd Frank, but it’s just as good.

Cyber Attacks Continue on Financial Sector

by Jon Dell

Wells Fargo and American Express both experienced denial of service attacks last week. Will this week be better?

A Shift in GE Capital?

by Antonio Bard

GE Capital, or GE Money as it’s often known, is going through changes – and its credit cards and other financial products will benefit consumers.

New FTC Report Reveals Mobile Payment Growth

by Jon Dell

Within 2 years, we’ll be using our smartphones to pay for goods and services. Huge potential means huge transitions.

What is Quantitative Easing and Why Should You Care?

by Antonio Bard

Overwhelmed and frustrated with all of the lingo being tossed around by financial analysts and politicians? Here’s a bit of what’s what and what it means to consumer wallets.

Strange Bedfellows: Debt Collectors, Dept of Ed

by Antonio Bard

There are billions of dollars in student loans and CFPB wants to oversee it so that predatory debt collectors can be reined in.