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Internships for CFPB

by Antonio Bard

An internship with CFPB could be the first powerful decision a finance major can make in his career.

Wells Fargo Off the Hook for $203 Million

by Antonio Bard

Wells Fargo has taken a beating in federal courtrooms this year and now, a judge has sent one of its cases revolving around overdraft fees and policies back to a lower bank.

2012: The Year of Credit Changes, Scandals Part 4

by Jon Dell

2012 will go down in history as a very eventful 12 months for the financial and credit sectors. Here are big stories from fourth quarter.

2012: The Year of Credit Changes, Scandals Part 3

by Jon Dell

We’re looking back on 2012, this time, the summer and early fall months are in our crosshairs. From massive foreclosures to Moodys threatening to downgrade the U.S. credit.

2012: The Year of Credit Changes, Scandals Part 2

by Jon Dell

From a financial perspective, 2012 was one of those “non-stop, assume nothing” kind of years.

Arrests in Libor Scandal

by Jon Dell

If you were thinking the Libor scandal quietly faded away, think again. Arrests have been made and more could come.

What Exactly are Interchange Fees?

by Evita Page

What do you know about the largest private anti trust lawsuit in American history? Here’s all you need to know about intercharge fees.

2012: Promises, Consumer Predictions and a Look Back

by Antonio Bard

Unemployment, credit card spending, fiscal cliff – what does all this mean for consumers who are heading into the holiday season?