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And So the Clock Ticks: Fiscal Cliff

by Antonio Bard

With the elections behind us, the nation faces new urgency in dealing with economic problems, debt and the fiscal cliff.

Near Poor Americans: 30 Million and Counting

by Jon Dell

More Americans are nearing poverty – and they’re paying more for credit too.

You Owe $47,495 to China, Other Countries

by Antonio Bard

The Treasury Department released its new report on international debt and the results mean big payments for every household in the U.S.

States’ AGs Oppose New Payday Loan Bill

by Evita Page

Payday loan companies could be getting a break from the federal government. States are worried a new law would ease the restrictions on these companies.

“Not Enough” Say Some in Credit Card Settlements

by Antonio Bard

A lawsuit that’s been ongoing for years is near the end of the line, but some say Visa and MasterCard aren’t being held accountable and more should be done.

Red Hot Right Now: Taxes

by Antonio Bard

Things are heating up, but get ready – the November elections are just the beginning. Will or won’t Congress prevent the fiscal cliff? And what about the 47% Romney continues to distance himself from?

How Do YOU See the Economy?

by Antonio Bard

It’s difficult to find the silver lining in the American economy. Growing health care concerns, stubborn unemployment rates, and banks taking big hits. Where does it end?

“In Debt” Doesn’t Equate to a Loss of Rights

by Antonio Bard

If you’ve ever been behind in your financial obligations, there’s a good chance you dealt with a bill collector.