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Will Paul Ryan Be Good for Our Bank Accounts?

by Jon Dell

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to consider what role the Romney/Ryan ticket will have on our personal financial well being.

Small Businesses and Mobile Payment Options

by Antonio Bard

There are many new technological advances that are allowing small businesses better-compete with their larger competitors. One is the smartphone advances that allow credit card and debit card payments.

Nixon’s Influence on the Financial Sector

by Evita Page

Looking back on the past can be a powerful predictor for the days ahead, especially in an election year and certainly when it comes to personal finances. The common denominators between Presidents Nixon and Obama are uncanny.

Slow Lending: Why is CFPB to Blame?

by Jon Dell

Republicans are upset with CFPB for not kick starting the slow lending pace in the U.S. The question is why – especially since it’s done more in the past year than most elected officials.

Navigating College Costs

by Beth May

Preparing for college or maybe you’re just graduating? Here are ways to navigate the costs.

Financial Agencies via the Government

by Jon Dell

Did you know there are dozens of government agencies that stand ready to provide financial information and guidance to American consumers?

Some Banks Close European Money Funds

by Antonio Bard

JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Group and BlackRock Inc have all announced plans to bail out of some European markets.

Taking on the Stock Market

by Evita Page

Wouldn’t it be exciting trade like the “big wheels” on the stock market? Get the basics before you delve in. Here are a few tips.