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Credit in America

by Antonio Bard

Although credit is a fairly easy thing to get and is certainly very easy to use, it is not easy to understand. There are many confusing aspects to credit. Perhaps it is designed that way to keep consumers at bay with an awareness of what they are really paying for. At the same time, the design is also very well structured so that both the credit card company and consumer benefit.

Types of Credit Cards

by Beth May

In the United States of America, credit cards are very popular. Whether this is due to the fact that people use them properly or not is irrelevant. Credit is what founded the American economy and it seems that it is indeed here to stay. This might be due to the fact there are so many different types of credit cards.

Life Lock vs. Other ID Protection Services

by Jon Dell

LifeLock is a popular online company that specializes in preventing identity fraud. With there being a number of companies in the market offering similar services, we take a closer look at what makes LifeLock different from other competitors in the market.

Cash Only, Please

by Antonio Bard

This month, my friend Sheena had to close out her credit card account. While monitoring her monthly statement, she realized someone else had been making charges using her card. Being it was the only credit card she had at the time, and not having a check book, Sheena was left with no payment option except for cash.

Why Consolidate Your Credit Cards?

by Beth May

Consolidating your credit cards does much more than pool your money into a single, convenient account. It also provides more personal financial freedom and opportunity to save, which gives you the option of whether or not you want to pay down your balance sooner. Consolidation could get you away from debt altogether in due time.

Effective Credit Card Use

by CreditCardsLab

While credit cards are an easy way to purchase big ticket items, you can also use them to save money on every day things. Learning a few simple tricks can indeed save you hundreds of dollars a year just for using your credit card to buy things you were planning to buy anyway.