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Financial Agencies via the Government

by Jon Dell

Did you know there are dozens of government agencies that stand ready to provide financial information and guidance to American consumers?

The Glorious ATM and its History

by Jon Dell

The year was 1967 and as John Shepherd Barron pondered vending machines that delivered chocolate, he wondered why can’t something be developed to spew money.

Great Credit Card Apps & Programs You Need

by CreditCardsLab

All the major credit card companies have apps and programs designed to make lives easier. Are you taking advantage of those apps?

Americans’ Net Worth Drops 40%

by Antonio Bard

Looking for a bit of good news? Might want to wait until next week as new report reveals our net worth drops 40% the past three years and even more reports expected this week with news that will likely be less than ideal.

Hurricane Season and Preparing Finances

by Evita Page

Hurricane season is well underway. For those who live along the U.S. coastlines, they live six months out of the year with an eye to the tropics. Now’s the time to ensure your have a financial plan is in order, including access to credit and debit cards.

Banks Making Out Like ‘Middlemen’?

by Jon Dell

As if current economic times weren’t tough enough, unsecured debt is a growing problem for families looking to send their children to college.

What is Arbitration?

by Antonio Bard

Any idea what an arbitration clause is? It’s important to know because it affects your rights as a consumer and if you have a credit card, mobile phone or any other goods or service that requires a contract, arbitration could be your only legal recourse.

A Look Back at Jamie Dimon

by Evita Page

Harvard grad, CEO and the financial industry’s golden boy: how does Jamie Dimon do it as others fall to the wayside?