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Your Parents, Their Credit Card Debt

by Beth May

Many adult children are unsure of what their parents’ financial debt totals. Once they do delve in, they’re finding overwhelming credit card debt.

6 Tips For Handling Student Loan, Credit Card Debt

by Evita Page

It’s a tough reality for graduating college students as they’re leaving with both credit card debt and overwhelming student loans. Here are six things you can do right now to offset the burden.

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate PayPal

by Jon Dell

If your PayPal account has never been hacked, here’s what you should know about the company, its efforts of protecting you and how far it will go to serve that purpose.

Double Disturbances for Young Consumers

by Evita Page

A college degree doesn’t necessarily a high paying job these days and graduates can’t live on credit cards alone.

A Look Back: Politics and Finances

by Antonio Bard

There is much going on in the American economy, but the one thing that seems to be lacking is a complete solution for credit card debt, unemployment and gas prices. Where might those solutions lie?

What’s Going on with CFPB?

by Jon Dell

Wondering why you haven’t heard much out of the newly-founded CFPB? The answer’s easy: the board has been busy handling consumer complaints, dealing with credit card companies and doing it all in an expedited and practical manner.

Indentured Servants to America’s Banks?

by Antonio Bard

Is another financial crisis brewing? If it is, instead of it being the mortgage sector that brings an entire economy to its proverbial knees, it’s more likely the student loan arena that will wreak havoc.

Surprising Financial Shifts

by Jon Dell

Going off the grid, accepting cash payments from your mortgage lender or bank to abandon your home before it goes into foreclosure are just two ways the financial horizon has shifted.