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Justin Bieber Prepaid Debit – Fail

by Jon Dell

Would you take financial advice from a kid who’s not even old enough to own a credit card? If you’re a “belieber”, you might. SpendSmart is hoping the nation is full of Justin Bieber fans. Fortunately for the country, it’s not.

Another Kick for the Unbanked

by CreditCardsLab

The under- and unbanked consumers have another problem to worry about: remaining in compliance with new healthcare laws. Insurance companies often require credit cards and bank accounts. Are prepaid cards the answer?

MasterCard Contests, Offers

by Evita Page

MasterCard is always raising the bar with its credit card offers and awesome sweepstakes and contests.

A Shift in GE Capital?

by Antonio Bard

GE Capital, or GE Money as it’s often known, is going through changes – and its credit cards and other financial products will benefit consumers.

Co-Branded and Prepaid Credit Card Offers

by Evita Page

There’s a reason co-branded credit cards and prepaid debit card products are outpacing traditional financial tools – they’re better values for many consumers.

PayPower Prepaid Debit Card Review

by Evita Page

Ready for the latest in the prepaid card market? Just when we think this particular aspect of credit cards has gone as far as it can, something new is delivered for consumers that completely changes the game and this PayPower card is the perfect example of a game changer.

Green Dot: ‘Best Card for Alternative Checking Account’

by Jon Dell

Looking for a low fee prepaid debit card? Consider Green Dot as it was just named the best prepaid debit card by Card Hub in its annual review.

What’s Going on in the Prepaid Debit Card Market?

by Jon Dell

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for public comments on the prepaid debit card market. With millions of Americans turning to these financial products, there’s much for CFPB to do.