Blog Category - 'Prepaid Credit Cards'

Money 101 and American Express PASS

by Evita Page

Have teens or young adults? Looking for a way to instill responsible money attitudes? Consider American Express PASS.

New Netspend BET Prepaid Card Offer

by Jon Dell

NetSpend and BET, the media and entertainment company, are preparing to release their co-branded prepaid credit card. It will target the nation’s African Americans.

Prepaid Debit & Credit Cards, Direct Deposit

by Beth May

Many Americans are choosing prepaid debit cards over traditional credit cards, but are they compatible with your employer’s direct deposit process?

Western Union Ranked Best in Prepaid Credit Cards

by Evita Page

Western Union received two prestigious awards recently, including the best overall prepaid card. Take a look at a few of the best offers in prepaid debit cards, including Western Union’s products.

Prepaid Cards Ideal for 2011 Tax Refunds

by CreditCardsLab

Did you know there are 9 million under banked or unbanked Americans? Prepaid debit cards offer a safe and fast way to claim your tax returns. Check out these offers.

MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards

by Evita Page

MasterCard credit cards are easy to find, but did you know there’s a wide range of MasterCard prepaid debit cards? Here are a few of them.