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Credit Card Offers from American Express

by CreditCardsLab

American Express has been the first name in credit cards for many years. Here are a few of the latest offers from the credit card giant that learned early on how to successfully market its products.

New Trends: Co-Branded Credit Cards

by CreditCardsLab

More credit card companies are teaming with retailers for co-branded credit card offers. Visa, United Airlines and American Express are just a few of the companies.

Visa Black Card and its Many Benefits

by Evita Page

Looking for a benefits-rich credit card offer? Consider the Visa Black credit card and its many perks.

Smart Rewards Cards for Back to School Expenses

by Beth May

Got the back to school blues? Check out these cash back cards and rewards programs from AMEX, Chase and Discover.

Chase Rewards Programs: Auctions and Online Malls

by Evita Page

Chase has a suite of points programs, including an online auction that allows you to land gift cards at big savings and an online mall that offers brands you trust.

Not All Cash Back Credit Cards are the Same

by Beth May

Before you select a cash back credit card, take a look at these reviews and their perks.

The Discover Credit Card Network

by Jon Dell

The Discover network has been around for more than 2 decades. Here are some of the many Discover credit cards on the market today.

The Discover Escape Credit Card

by Beth May

If you’re searching for a new rewards card, you might want to take a look at the Discover Escape card with its many benefits.