Chase Slate Vertical Card Review


The Chase Slate Vertical Credit Card is a card that allows you to take control of your finances. With the Blueprint feature that is free you can keep track of your spending. You do this by creating a plan tailored to your needs. It can be viewed each month allowing you to pay off your balance faster and avoid paying interest. If you pay in full each month on the balance you owe, no interest is added to your statement. This credit card also gives you the option of splitting the balance of larger balances in half do that less interest is accumulated while the balance remains on your card. By reading the terms and conditions, you will discover price and annual interest rates that vary based on the individual. This section also gives you important information that you should know about this card before deciding to apply for it.

Chase Slate Credit Card

  • 0% Intro APR for up to 12 Months*
  • No Annual Fee*
  • Pay Down Balances on Your Terms with Blueprint
  • Zero Liability on Unauthorized Purchases
  • E-mail and Text Alerts

Chase Slate Card Review

With the Chase Slate Vertical Card you take control of your finances. There are so many ways in which this credit card allows you to do that. This Chase Slate Vertical Credit Card is aimed at customers in the United Stated who want something more from their credit card. There are so many great features to this card; no other credit card can match what it has to offer. There is no annual fee to the credit card holder. This is one of the key features of the card that has a great affect on whether or not people consider getting a card in the first place.

This credit card has a reasonable annual percentage rate that will depend upon each individual. Creditworthiness is scored based on income and credit history. For those who have excellent credit and a steady income then they will most likely receive a lower annual percent rate then individuals with poor credit and an unstable income. As stated above, the percent rate is determined on an individual basis with information supplied at the time of application. This however does not guaranteed that the percent rate will remain the same. It is subject to change based on balance and payment.

This Chase credit card uses Blueprint which is only available with Chase Bank Cards. This allows you to have the option of designing your own plan. You are able to track your progress each month when you use this card on purchases. You can pay your balance off faster with the plan, as well. However, once you design your plan it is important that you stick to the agreement. Penalties apply for late fees and interest will accumulate on any unpaid purchases still remaining on the card. Paying your balance off in full each month is an option that requires no interest to be paid.

By determining whether you are eligible to apply for this credit card you must be free of bankruptcy, have no delinquent accounts, and have not been denied by Chase within the last six months for a credit card. Credit history is a large role in being granted a card. The limit will all vary based on the applicant’s current finances. Fees and other charges may apply to certain transactions. Reading over the terms and conditions before you agree to them is very important as they highlight key information regarding the card. This also determines whether you qualify.

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