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Finding cash back credit card incentive rebates is not that easy anymore. With the looming recession, companies in every industry are hard pressed to offer these kinds of incentives. After all, any money they offer you is less in their pockets! However, the Discover More Card seems to throw caution to the wind, offering you cash back rebates on nearly everything you already buy. If you travel, you can get five times the cash rebates on airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, restaurants, and cruises. Similarly, you can get the same rebate on home improvement purchases, as well as the things you buy every day, including gas and groceries. You can also get the same rebate on entertainment expenses, like movie tickets. All of these categories are on a rotating schedule, which makes using your card fun and interesting as you never know where you will find your bonus rebates!

If that is not enough, you can also get up to twenty times the rebate points at over 100 online affiliate partners. Simply log in to your Discover card account and shop with one of their affiliate partners using your Discover More Card to take advantage of this incentive. If that is still not enough, then consider the fact that you can redeem your cash back points for double the rebate if you use them to purchase gift cards with one of these online affiliate partners. This could result in a significant savings on things you probably already buy anyway.


While all of this sounds enticing, what you probably want to know is how much will this actually end up costing you. You might think that the Discover More Card must assess some high interest rates or lean on astronomical annual fees in order to compensate for all of these benefits. Actually, quite the opposite is true. When you are approved, you will get a low introductory annual percentage rate for the first 6 months as well as 12 months on balance transfers. This is incredibly good news if you have a few cards with high balances, as you can consolidate them to your Discover Card and take advantage of the low rate. Of course, if that is your plan, then you need to make sure you take care of it within the introductory period.

Keep in mind that there are no hidden fees or charges with this card. If you manage to miss a payment, you might see a small late charge, but that is a standard operating procedure for all credit cards. Besides, that is a small price to pay for all of the convenience and incentives that are available to you. There is also a very minimal fee for going over your credit limit so make sure you spend use your card responsibly.


What good are all of these features if you can’t rely on your Discover More Card when you need it most? There is no need to worry, though, because it is indeed a Discover Card, and as such affords you access to all the security and service features that has kept them in business all these years. First of all, you get 24-hour customer assistance, so anytime you have a question or a problem you can speak to someone live. Of course, you can also access the website any time of day too, to access your account information, learn more about other financial packages, or make a payment.

Along with this 24/7 customer support you get access to Fraud specialists who can help you in case your card is lost or stolen. No security features would be complete without liability protection, and the Discover Card is no different, with absolutely zero percent liability coverage the moment your card is activated. If fraud protection is more important to you than most, then you will also love to learn that you can get free fraud alerts sent to your email or even via text message regarding early warnings that Discover may have detected questionable charges or suspicious activity.

Still yet, you also receive complimentary travel insurance and rental car insurance every time you travel, so long as you use your card to book your reservations. Of course, you can use your card at thousands of locations nationwide so you’ll save more than just peace of mind on your next vacation. All you have to do is use your Discover More Card.

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