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Credit Card Tips for Holiday Budgeting

by Evita Page

Have you begun your holiday shopping? Your credit card doesn’t have to take a brutal hit if you follow these tips.

Layaway Plans: What You Need to Know

by Jon Dell

Ready for the holiday season? Layaways are popular once again and with new announcements from big retailers, it could be the best year yet for this tried and true shopping tradition.

Credit Card Maintenance: 7 Things You Should Be Doing

by Evita Page

Here seven things you should be doing when it comes to your credit cards if your goal is raising credit scores and keeping your identity safe.

Ally Bank Online Savings Accounts Review

by Evita Page

Looking for an online savings account with great customer service? You might want to consider the banking model Ally Bank prides itself on. Low fees and 24/7 customer service are just two of the reasons it’s a go-to for millions of banking consumers.

Financial Scams Growing

by Jon Dell

If you’ve been victim of a financial scam, you know the frustration and unsettled feeling. The FTC has tips for avoiding credit card theft and financial fraud.

“In Debt” Doesn’t Equate to a Loss of Rights

by Antonio Bard

If you’ve ever been behind in your financial obligations, there’s a good chance you dealt with a bill collector.

PayPal Teams With Discover

by Beth May

There’s a lot for PayPal to celebrate these days, including a new partnership with Discover and the new PayPal Here program.

Using eLayaway and PRBC

by Evita Page

Have you considered the benefits of eLayaway? Here’s what it offers as well as its partnership with PRBC – also known as the fourth credit bureau.