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90% Credit Card Lawsuits Flawed

by Beth May

The credit card industry is facing a potential scandal similar to the foreclosure robosigning catastrophe.

Colleges and Prepaid Card Companies: Strange Bedfellows?

by Antonio Bard

As if college wasn’t expensive enough, a new report reveals the colleges are teaming with companies responsible for high debit card fees.

Simple: Innovative Solutions for the Financial Sector

by Evita Page

A shift in the American banking sector is good for consumers. New technology makes it possible.

Will Paul Ryan Be Good for Our Bank Accounts?

by Jon Dell

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to consider what role the Romney/Ryan ticket will have on our personal financial well being.

The Numbers: Payday Loans

by Antonio Bard

Payday loans have become more mainstream in a tough economy. A new report by the Pew Center outlines just how many Americans are turning to these expensive financial products.

Do College Degrees Still Command Respect?

by Evita Page

Does a college degree still command respect? Can you be financially secure without one? We set out to find answers.

Small Businesses and Mobile Payment Options

by Antonio Bard

There are many new technological advances that are allowing small businesses better-compete with their larger competitors. One is the smartphone advances that allow credit card and debit card payments.

FDIC Money Smart

by Jon Dell

Wish you better understood the financial aspects of your money? There’s a federal educational course that does just that – and it’s free.