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MasterCard Contests, Offers

by Evita Page

MasterCard is always raising the bar with its credit card offers and awesome sweepstakes and contests.

Cyber Attacks Continue on Financial Sector

by Jon Dell

Wells Fargo and American Express both experienced denial of service attacks last week. Will this week be better?

A Mission Statement for Your Finances? Absolutely!

by Beth May

A mission statement for your personal finances? Of course – and include the kids. It’s never too early to begin educating them.

Syncing with American Express, Twitter and Facebook

by Evita Page

Amex and its Sync app brings new ways to save, courtesy of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

A Shift in GE Capital?

by Antonio Bard

GE Capital, or GE Money as it’s often known, is going through changes – and its credit cards and other financial products will benefit consumers.

None Immune from ID Theft

by Jon Dell

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, had his credit cards stolen last week. It’s a reminder that no one is really ever safe.

Credit Card Rewards and Death: Who Wins?

by Evita Page

Not always, but some credit cards allow for willing rewards points, mileage points and cash back programs.

Is it Time for CFPB to Show Freddie Mac How it’s Done?

by Jon Dell

Is it time for Freddie Mac to step aside and let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau take over for homeowners?