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A Look Back at the History of the Credit Card

by Evita Page

Ever wondered how credit became the currency of choice? Credit cards weren’t always around and the convenience and freedoms associated with them weren’t either. In fact, it’s only been the past four decades that credit cards became a feasible option for many.

Venture Card Equals Faster Business Rewards

by Jon Dell

The Capital One Venture Card gives business owners a reliable credit card with the ability to earn travel rewards, shopping rewards, and other travel benefits, faster than a lot of other credit cards. Account management and customer service add value to the card.

35% of FICO Score Makes Your Payment History

by Beth May

There are five total components which will be used to calculate the viability of being approved for a line of credit. These five are: outstanding balances, the length of your history of credit, etc…

10 Advantages Of Using A Credit Card

by Beth May

Any method of payment and regular outgoings are best managed by using credit cards. Some offer low rates to make the corresponding banks more appealing to customers, while some offer bonuses and incentives to lure their customers to their plan.

New Financial Reform – Less Choice For Customers

by Antonio Bard

Customers will and are feeling the tightening of bank lending, and credit availability. The US Government will need to make cuts in order to increase customer spending, as printing money cannot solve debt crises. Customer spending needs to increase to stimulate private sector retail again.

Granite Secured MasterCard Review

by CreditCardsLab

If you apply for the Granite secured MasterCard then you will really be able to keep your credit future stable. The card has a major advantage in that you can get a credit report on your card per month.

Hidden Costs of Credit Cards

by Jon Dell

When you first hear about the concept of a credit card, the thought can be very attractive to people who aren’t educated about credit cards. Upon initial thought, it may seem like a way to get the things you want without necessarily having to have the capital to pay for them.

8 Top Reasons You Overspend

by Beth May

Credit cards are gaining popularity very fast. Each girl wants to possess at least one. Diamonds are not girl’s best friend anymore; it is the tiny credit card in her purse. However, with the girl’s desire to spend money, sometimes they overspend and sometimes they exceed the limit of the credit card.