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When Credit Card Debt Overwhelms

by Antonio Bard

Don’t let credit card debt overwhelm you when there’s many resources that can put you on the path to prosperity.

I Do to My Spouse, I Don’t to His Credit Rating

by Beth May

Couples exchange vows when they get married, but if only they would exchange credit reports would there be fewer marital growing pains.

Even More Turning to Credit Unions?

by Evita Page

Banks lost millions of customers to credit unions last year and now consumers are choosing credit unions for their credit card needs too.

Can’t Beat Holidays and Cash Back Credit Cards

by Evita Page

Everyone likes cash back credit cards and we have two favorites that were big hits in 2012.

2012: Promises, Consumer Predictions and a Look Back

by Antonio Bard

Unemployment, credit card spending, fiscal cliff – what does all this mean for consumers who are heading into the holiday season?

And So the Clock Ticks: Fiscal Cliff

by Antonio Bard

With the elections behind us, the nation faces new urgency in dealing with economic problems, debt and the fiscal cliff.

Small Business Owners Face Uncertainties

by Jon Dell

What lies ahead for America’s small business owners? Will accessing credit be easier? And what about taxes?

Small Businesses and Credit

by Evita Page

Small business owners are turning to credit cards instead of bank loans as they await election results.