Possibly the Perfect Gift

Everyone has an idea of what their perfect gift would be and MasterCard has just upped the perfection factor. It’s unveiled the MasterCard Debit Card Gift Card that you can personalize with just a few clicks. With graduation and wedding seasons rapidly approaching, we thought this was a great time to showcase this brilliant – and affordable – idea.

Endless Possibilities

The MasterCard Gift Card has a lot of options. There’s a $25.00 minimum value, and you can load as much as $500.00. There are no monthly fees, application fees or maintenance fees. There is an inactivity fee of $4.95 that kicks in if the card isn’t used for twelve consecutive months. Because it’s a gift card, there are no APR fees, either. Not only that, but the costs associated with sending the gift card are quite reasonable.

If the card is lost or stolen, it can quickly be replaced for $4.95. It also serves as a great keepsake after the dollar value’s been used – which a new bride always appreciates.


As a wedding gift, the possibilities are endless. You can upload a photo of the wedding invitations, a picture from a bridal shower or even a photo of the couple when they first met. Anything memorable that the couple would treasure is a good choice. Other traditional themes you might consider include photos of wedding bands, champagne flutes or flowers.

For the graduate, you can select the college logo of the school he will be attending or a picture of his graduation image. Of course, you can also upload the logo of the high school your student attended. We’ve even heard of a mom who uploaded a photo of her daughter as a baby for use on a birthday gift card. The options are many and are limited only by your imagination.

Of course, it’s not limited to just graduations or weddings. Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are other occasions that come to mind. You can customize everything from the message to the color schemes to the images.

Other Perks

The MasterCard Gift Prepaid Debit Card also offers online access for card users. They may use the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. We always hear of how cash is so “impersonal”; this debit card removes that factor and makes it about as personal as you can get with your gift giving efforts. And unlike store-specific gift cards, this can be used to shop online or on site and can even be used to pay bills if that’s what the recipient chooses.

How it Works

You can purchase the card online at the MasterCard website or here. The fees are low for the purchaser, too. From there, you fill out the information such as the recipient’s name, the dollar amount and your information. Upload the photo you wish to use and once you’ve verified all the information is correct, the card is processed and mailed out via U.S.P.S. at no cost or you can choose to have it overnighted via FedEx for a shipping fee (it varies by location).

One word of caution: you will also be required to set a pin number during the process. You’ll need to notify the recipient so that he or she can access it. It’s not sent with the card for security purposes, so it’s important you remember to do this.

After the card has been received and activated, the recipient uses it just as he would a traditional credit card. Be sure to let him know how much has been loaded.

Now, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you purchased the right china pattern or if the high school graduate really needs another laptop. You put the purchasing power in their hands so they can find exactly what it is they want. What could be better?

There are no shortage of credit card gift cards out there, but this card adds that personal touch that lets the recipient know you took the time to make it unique. We think it’s a great gift idea that you can never go wrong with.

Be sure to check out our MasterCard Gift Card page for more information.

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