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Discover More Card: Get More for Less

June 12, 2010, by Jon Dell

If the only thing that you want from your credit card is the ultimate in cash back options, then the Discover More Card might be the one for you. It provides various percentage rebates on everything you can conceivably purchase with a credit card, and of course, the excellent service and unique features that you can only find with Discover.

Improve Credit With Balance Transfers

June 8, 2010, by Beth May

Whether you have credit issues or simply want to improve your standing, transferring your balances can help you. There are many offers that can often get you a better rate. You might also be able to reduce your monthly payments just from a simple consolidation.

Gift Cards: 4 Ways to Save

June 4, 2010, by Jon Dell

Obviously, gift cards are perfect for a variety of occasions. While you are trying to decide what those are, don’t forget about the opportunity to treat yourself to remarkable savings on things that you already buy, since many companies sell their cards at a discounted price.

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

April 27, 2010, by Beth May

With the changes that credit card companies faced from the onset of new rules recently, people who use credit cards to make purchases must adjust the way they work to improve their credit score as well.