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Layaway Plans: What You Need to Know

September 5, 2012, by Jon Dell

Ready for the holiday season? Layaways are popular once again and with new announcements from big retailers, it could be the best year yet for this tried and true shopping tradition.

FDIC Money Smart

August 3, 2012, by Jon Dell

Wish you better understood the financial aspects of your money? There’s a federal educational course that does just that – and it’s free.

The Steve Jobs Legacy: An Apple in Our i

October 13, 2011, by Jon Dell

Steve Jobs left the world with contributions that will forever shape an entire technology sector. Twitter crashed several times when the announcement was made and now, Discovery Channel is preparing its own memorial for the iGenius.

A Look Back at the History of the Credit Card

March 1, 2011, by Evita Page

Ever wondered how credit became the currency of choice? Credit cards weren’t always around and the convenience and freedoms associated with them weren’t either. In fact, it’s only been the past four decades that credit cards became a feasible option for many.

Granite Secured MasterCard Review

November 11, 2010, by CreditCardsLab

If you apply for the Granite secured MasterCard then you will really be able to keep your credit future stable. The card has a major advantage in that you can get a credit report on your card per month.

Hidden Costs of Credit Cards

November 4, 2010, by Jon Dell

When you first hear about the concept of a credit card, the thought can be very attractive to people who aren’t educated about credit cards. Upon initial thought, it may seem like a way to get the things you want without necessarily having to have the capital to pay for them.

Top 10 Benefits to Having a Prepaid Card

October 13, 2010, by Jon Dell

Financial institutions can barrage you with information and offers for prepaid cards and credit cards and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Many people don’t even know what the difference between the two cards is…

Top 5 Uses of Shopping Cards

September 22, 2010, by Beth May

During a recession, most consumers are more interested in bargains, and shopping cards are one way savvy shoppers can earn discounts and be rewarded for their loyalty. Shopping cards are simply a way of banks and merchandisers to form productive partnerships.