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A Look Back: Politics and Finances

April 3, 2012, by Antonio Bard

There is much going on in the American economy, but the one thing that seems to be lacking is a complete solution for credit card debt, unemployment and gas prices. Where might those solutions lie?

Surprising Financial Shifts

March 20, 2012, by Jon Dell

Going off the grid, accepting cash payments from your mortgage lender or bank to abandon your home before it goes into foreclosure are just two ways the financial horizon has shifted.

What Trends in the Credit Card Industry Suggest

December 20, 2011, by Evita Page

If 2011 was an eye-opener in terms of our how we view the American financial sector, then 2012 is the year for big changes and massive improvements in the way we interact with that financial sector. Here’s why.

Why Your 401(k) Isn’t the Solution for Credit Card Debt

October 4, 2011, by Antonio Bard

Thinking your retirement fund will save your finances? You may be digging a much deeper hole by that taking that route. Here are a few reasons why, along with ideas on other options for eliminating your credit card debt.

Credit Cards: Singular or Plural?

September 13, 2011, by Beth May

With so many credit card offers, it’s difficult to decide which ones and how many to carry. A reality check and a bit of research ensures you’re making the best financial decisions when it comes to your credit.

Winds of Change in the Financial Sector

June 28, 2011, by Antonio Bard

New credit card laws kick in July first. Are you ready?

4 Great Prepaid Credit Cards for Teens

June 7, 2011, by Evita Page

Teaching your teen financial responsibility is one of the best gifts we can give our young people. Here are four prepaid credit cards to add to your arsenal.

Death and Credit Card Debt

March 11, 2011, by Antonio Bard

What happens to credit card debt upon death? Does the surviving spouse pay it? Here, we take a look at the dynamics behind death and debt.