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And So the Clock Ticks: Fiscal Cliff

November 8, 2012, by Antonio Bard

With the elections behind us, the nation faces new urgency in dealing with economic problems, debt and the fiscal cliff.

Holidays on a Budget

October 31, 2012, by Evita Page

Smart credit card usage is one way to keep costs to a minimum during the holidays. Choosing the right one is crucial, too.

Financial Help for Abuse Victims

October 30, 2012, by Jon Dell

There are many programs available for domestic violence victims. On this last day of Domestic Violence month, we explore some of them.

You Owe $47,495 to China, Other Countries

October 23, 2012, by Antonio Bard

The Treasury Department released its new report on international debt and the results mean big payments for every household in the U.S.

Navigating College Costs

July 20, 2012, by Beth May

Preparing for college or maybe you’re just graduating? Here are ways to navigate the costs.

Taking on the Stock Market

July 4, 2012, by Evita Page

Wouldn’t it be exciting trade like the “big wheels” on the stock market? Get the basics before you delve in. Here are a few tips.

Americans’ Net Worth Drops 40%

June 12, 2012, by Antonio Bard

Looking for a bit of good news? Might want to wait until next week as new report reveals our net worth drops 40% the past three years and even more reports expected this week with news that will likely be less than ideal.

Indentured Servants to America’s Banks?

March 27, 2012, by Antonio Bard

Is another financial crisis brewing? If it is, instead of it being the mortgage sector that brings an entire economy to its proverbial knees, it’s more likely the student loan arena that will wreak havoc.