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Is Your Credit Keeping You Single?

March 6, 2013, by Beth May

Right or wrong, many are seeing their credit scores as burdens that hold them down. But does society support this mindset that our credit scores dictate who we are?

60 Minutes Doc Reveals 40M Credit Report Errors

February 13, 2013, by Jon Dell

Steve Kroft with 60 Minutes reports there could be 40 million credit report errors on Americans’ credit histories.

Shopping for 0% Intro Credit Cards?

January 30, 2013, by Evita Page

Think there are no longer any 0% intro APR rates? Here are several with no shortage of perks and benefits.

New Credit Notices

January 23, 2013, by Beth May

Federal law requires creditors to furnish certain information. Here’s what to look for.

Does Dubai Have the Right Financial Ideas?

January 14, 2013, by Evita Page

Ensuring well prepared adults in Dubai starts with early financial education and involvement in its stock market.

2012: The Year of Credit Changes, Scandals Part 3

December 19, 2012, by Jon Dell

We’re looking back on 2012, this time, the summer and early fall months are in our crosshairs. From massive foreclosures to Moodys threatening to downgrade the U.S. credit.

PayPower Prepaid Debit Card Review

December 18, 2012, by Evita Page

Ready for the latest in the prepaid card market? Just when we think this particular aspect of credit cards has gone as far as it can, something new is delivered for consumers that completely changes the game and this PayPower card is the perfect example of a game changer.

Arrests in Libor Scandal

December 11, 2012, by Jon Dell

If you were thinking the Libor scandal quietly faded away, think again. Arrests have been made and more could come.