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Payday Loans and Continuing Controversy

June 18, 2013, by Antonio Bard

Will payday loan companies always be seen as the black sheep in the financial family of products? It could be sooner rather than later as banks continue to toe their way in.

Is Brown-Vitter Bill Good for Consumers or Banks?

May 7, 2013, by Jon Dell

The nation’s banks are working hard to keep the next round of financial laws from getting through Congress. Brown Vitter isn’t Dodd Frank, but it’s just as good.

Alternative Credit Options

February 11, 2013, by Antonio Bard

Qualifying for credit is next to impossible for some consumers, but new credit alternatives could provide new options for mortgages and credit problems.

Wells Fargo Off the Hook for $203 Million

December 27, 2012, by Antonio Bard

Wells Fargo has taken a beating in federal courtrooms this year and now, a judge has sent one of its cases revolving around overdraft fees and policies back to a lower bank.

You’re Broke, but You Still Have to Budget

September 11, 2012, by Jon Dell

The best think you can do is budget your money – especially if you’re broke. It’s the way to see things differently so that you can make big changes.

90% Credit Card Lawsuits Flawed

August 21, 2012, by Beth May

The credit card industry is facing a potential scandal similar to the foreclosure robosigning catastrophe.

Small Businesses and Mobile Payment Options

August 6, 2012, by Antonio Bard

There are many new technological advances that are allowing small businesses better-compete with their larger competitors. One is the smartphone advances that allow credit card and debit card payments.

Banks Making Out Like ‘Middlemen’?

May 31, 2012, by Jon Dell

As if current economic times weren’t tough enough, unsecured debt is a growing problem for families looking to send their children to college.