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Microeconomics and Money

December 5, 2012, by Jon Dell

Don’t underestimate the power of microeconomics and how they influence big banks, credit card companies and politicians.

Credit Card Tips for Holiday Budgeting

September 6, 2012, by Evita Page

Have you begun your holiday shopping? Your credit card doesn’t have to take a brutal hit if you follow these tips.

Doing Good: Donate Unused Credit Card Rewards

July 23, 2012, by Evita Page

There’s a great way to put your rewards points to good use: consider donating them to your favorite charity.

Visa and MasterCard Announce Growth

May 8, 2012, by CreditCardsLab

Many might not have been surprised that both Visa and MasterCard are reporting strong earnings, but they might be surprised to learn those earnings are in the double digits.

Is it Time for a Simpler Credit Card?

March 6, 2012, by Jon Dell

Points, miles, cash back – all these rewards programs are fine and good until they become overwhelming to the point that you never use them. A simpler credit card is on its way back to the standard credit card offers.

Is $400 Reasonable for Credit Card Annual Fee?

February 9, 2012, by Beth May

First Premier is offering a secured credit card offer than can easily cost consumers at least $400 a year. Here are other offers that are more in line with what consumers are looking for.

Prepaid Cards Ideal for 2011 Tax Refunds

January 31, 2012, by CreditCardsLab

Did you know there are 9 million under banked or unbanked Americans? Prepaid debit cards offer a safe and fast way to claim your tax returns. Check out these offers.

A Look at Shopping Cards

January 19, 2012, by Beth May

Shopping credit cards have been a favorite for those looking to rebuild their credit histories. There are several worth consideration, too, including the new Gettington card.